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Peacekeeping and stabilization missions


Since the MG formation in 1990, gendarmes have been continually participating in missions and operations abroad -  initially under the command of the UN, then NATO and European . Gendarmes hold the posts within the command structures of Polish military contingents, within the structures of multinational Military Police elements and as homogeneous and close order elements of maneouvre coys performing tasks nationally or multinationally subjected. While on missions and operations abroad the Military gendarmerie performs the tasks specified in the Act on Military Police and military law enforcement bodies from August 24, 2001, including among others:

  • Preventing crimes and offences, uncovering and persecution of their perpetrators,
  • Enforcement of the military discipline and the local law by the soldiers participating in a particular mission,
  • Traffic control inspection, assessing the road conditions and informing about the threats,
  • Convoying the transportations,VIPs protection.

The soldiers of the Military Gendarmerie Specialized Units, due to their equipment possession and trainings are prepared to the performance of tasks in the area of the mission as to:

  • Ensuring the control of the area of the contingent through patrolling, recce and monitoring of the local situation,
  • Trainings of the local police forces,
  • Conducting interventions,
  • Convoying and protecting the special loads,
  • Ensuring special VIP protection,
  • Inspections of people, places and buildings.

At present, the Military Gendarmerie soldiers participate in the following missions and operations abroad:
1. NATO missions 

The Islamic Republic of Afghanistan


From 2002 gendarmes participated in the anti-terrorist operation Enduring Freedom, as part of the contingent responsible for mines clearance of the base and the nearby area, conducting the chemical recce and patrolling the area of responsibility.
Since April, 2007 the Polish Military Contingent has been serving in the area of the mission within the International Assistance Security Forces in the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. Military gendarmes serve there within the MG Division and Operational Mentor and Liason Teams for Police and advise, train the officers of the Afghan police. Apart from that, the MG component of the Polish Military Contingent performs the statutory tasks connected with enforcement of order and discipline in the area of operations.




The tasks of the Polish Military Contingent in Kosovo (KFOR PMC) concern ensuring the humanitarian aid, enforcement of law  and public order obedience as well as creating the conditions for taking over of these tasks by local authorities. The Polish Military Contingent has been serving since 1999 in the area and since 2000 the Polish soldiers  have constituted a large part of the Polish – Ukrainian Battalion, performing operational tasks. Within KFOR PMC about 60 MG soldiers served. At present 4 MG soldiers are serving in the area - one in the Operation Command Structure (Republic of Macedonia), one in the Forces Command structure (Pristina) and two within the Polish-Ukrainian Battalion, stationed in the American Camp Bondsteel.
2. The European missions 

Bosnia i Herzegovina
Since 1995 the Polish Military Contingent within the EU operation forces (EUFOR PMC) (earlier within NATO - IFOR and SFOR missions) has been performing the tasks concerning monitoring of the military actions of the former conflict parties, monitoring of the trainings , moving the equipment of the conflict parties and the inspection of weaponry and ammunitions storages. Since July, 2006 the Military Gendarmerie, together with the Land Forces, constitutes the manoeuvre coy, which became a part of a Spanish-Polish battalion in April, 2007. Within the EU forces about 500 MG soldiers have served so far. At present, there are 74 gendarmes in the area of the mission.

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