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1992 marked the first international contacts made by the Military Gendarmerie. It was then that the meeting was organized. It concerned improving of the MG structures. A Canadian Embassy Defence Attache, the Director of Police Operations for Royal Canadian Mounted Police, the Defence and Airforce British Embassy Attache, German Embassy Defence Attache, the representative of Bundeswehra command structure  and the representative of the US Army European command structure participated in it. The meeting of the five nations was the beginning of a long way which the Military Gendarmerie went over 15 years to reach the point of a busy and engaged cooperation with 20 countries in 2007.

The Military Gendarmerie constantly conducts the cooperation of an international character with the following:

  • United States Army Military Police Corps;
  • The Royal Military Police;
  • The Bulgarian Military Police;
  • The Croatian Military Police;
  • The Czech Military Police;
  • The Danish Military Police;
  • The Military Police of the Estonia Defence Forces;
  • The French Gendarmerie Nationale;
  • The Spanish Civil Guard;
  • The Dutch Royal Marechaussee;
  • The Irish Military Police;
  • The Royal Canadian Mounted Police;
  • The Lithuanian Military Police;
  • The Latvian Military Police;
  • The German Military Police;
  • The Portuguese Military Police and Republican National Guard;
  • The Military Police of the Armed Forces of the Slovak Republic;
  • The Turkish Gendarmerie;
  • The Law and Order Service of Ukraine;
  • The Italian Carabinieri.

The first occassional visits and return visits gradually became regular ones and were based on the plans for the cooperation of the ministry of defence with foreign countries and changed their character. They were carried out at lower levels of command enabling among others the exchange of  experiences within the border cooperation.

Since the day Poland joined the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, the delegations of the Headquarters have been annually participating in the NATO Military Police meetings. So far they have been organized in Belgium, Spain, Germany, France, Great Britain and Italy and in Poland, in 2002. The NATO Military Police conference organized by the Military Gendarmerie was favourably assessed by its participants, also by Provost Marshal SHAPE. The strenghtening of the contacts of the Military gendarmerie with other military police forces allowed the broadening of the range of cooperation. That helped to present the Military Gendarmerie to be considered a reliable and competent partner.

In 2002 as part of Prague Capabilities Commitments the works on forming the NATO Multinational Military Police Battalion began. The Czech Military Police, The Military Police of the Armed Forces of the Slovak Republic, the Croatian Military Police and the Military Gendarmerie of the Polish Armed Forces, which was to take the role of the leading nation, declared their the involvement in the project. 

The end crowned the few years` work of the formation process of the NATO Multinational Military Police Battalion. The opening ceremony of the NATO MNMPBAT took place on June 12, 2007 in the Military Gendarmerie Headquarters in Warsaw. The elements of the countries participating in the project came. They were from Poland, Croatia, The Czech Republic and Slovak.

As a token of the foreign partners` appreciation came the French invitation for the MG to the cooperation within the European Gendarmerie Forces in 2004. In March, 2007 Comite Interministriel du Haut Niveau (CIMIN) for EGF proposed accepting the Military Gendarmerie as a partner formation of the European Gendarmerie Forces. Cosequently, following the approval of the Minster of Defence of the Republic of Poland, Since May, 2007 The Military Gendarmerie has been the EGF partner.

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