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January 25, 2005 marked the official beginning of the MG Specialized Unit in Mińsk Mazowiecki. Due to remarkable service achievements, the newly formed unit was awarded the banner on June 10. Two years later, on August 15, 2007 – the Polish Army Day, the MGSU in Mińsk Mazowiecki was awarded the Flag of the Republic of Poland by the President of the Republic of Poland.

The formation of the Military Gendarmerie Specialized Unit in Mińsk Mazowiecki was connected with adjusting the Gendarmerie forces to performing the tasks and duties resulting from the transformation of the Polish Armed Forces and the crisis response system to the international terrorism. The decision to create this kind of unit was also the result of the need to possess operational subunits prepared and trained in accordance with the international standards and ready to perform the police tasks within the NATO, UN and EU peacekeeping, stabilization and humanitarian missions.

The MGSU in Mińsk Mazowiecki is prepared to be engaged in manoeuvring operations. It mostly means police support for the Polish Armed Forces units participating in missions, supporting the PAF and Ministry of Interior and Administration units combating terrorism, protecting buildings, preventing natural disasters and eliminating their effects. It also provides the police support to the allied forces remaining on the RP territory within the Host Nation Support assistance.

The unit is fully professional and that is why during the recruitment process only the candidates presenting extraordinary skills and abilities are preferred. It also applies to everyday trainings. During the specialist trainings the unit engages the best police instructors and former GROM soldiers. 

As far as the international cooperation is concerned, the unit participates in common trainings and courses but first of all is engaged in foreign missions.

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