Poniedziałek, 19 lutego 2018 r.
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On exercise SHARP LYNX-16 the soldiers of the NATO Multinational Military Police Battalion perform common, daily service with the soldiers of the Military Gendarmerie Branch in Żagań.

MPs from the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Croatia, and the gendarmes from Żagań carry out joint patrols and road traffic controls. They also pilot military columns on the move in relation to the exercise ANAKONDA-16.
The joint action allows for the direct, practical exchange of experiences and promotes closer ties among the twin formations. The reality shows that the preset scenarios are often confronted with real life, and exercises turn into direct aid in case of a real threat to health and life.

So it was on June 13, when an international MP patrol team (Polish, Czech and Croat) provided assistance to a civilian. While on patrol in the area of Żagań, the soldiers spotted a vehicle standing on the opposite lane with a semiconscious person in the driver’s seat.

The MPs immediately called an ambulance and ensured safety in traffic. Until the arrival of medical help they monitored the status of the person, with whom contact was difficult. As it turned out, the person fainted as a consequence of an illness.
The smooth operation of the multinational MP patrol prevented the health or perhaps even the life threats, and contributed to road safety in this unusual situation.

Text: CSM Jakub Zalopany
Photos: Lt. Adam Stryjek, CSM Jakub Zalopany, Cpl. Łukasz Lisiecki, Sgt. Piotr Dębski

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