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On 15 June 2016 Colonel Tihomir Zebec visited, in the Military Gendarmerie complex in Minsk Mazowiecki, Directorate of the SHARP LYNX 16 exercise and NATO MNMPBAT Headquarters.

During the visit to the Exercise Directorate, Colonel Zebec  - head of the Military Police Department of the General Staff of the Croatian Armed Forces and Croatian member of the Control and Coordination Group of the NATO MNMPBATwas - informed about Startex Situation for SHARP LYNX 16 / ANAKONDA 16, integration training and ongoing exercise situation regarding International Military Police (IMP) deployed to Military Training Area (MTA) in Orzysz, Drawsko Pomorskie, Zagan, Wedrzyn. Exercise Directorate structure and tasks were presented, as well as role and tasks of the NATO MNMPBAT in exercise ANAKONDA 16.
Afterwards, Colonel Zebec visited MNMPBAT HQ where he was acquainted with structure and tasks of the Multinational Military Police Battalion HQ and the International Military Police Units which are deployed to MTA during the ANAKONDA 16 exercise. IMP units on military training area conducting real Military Police tasks with Polish Military Gendarmerie units. Colonel Zebec visited NATO MNMPBAT HQ staff and in dialog with some of the members he was informed about relevant information regarding NATO MNMPBAT staff organization during LIVEX.
During the visit Colonel Tihomir Zebec noted „that he is participating in the Project of the NATO Multination Military Police Battalion since 2008, first as a Chief of Staff in the same Military Gendarmerie complex in Minsk Mazowiecki, where he is today. From then, when the Project started, and until today during previous eight years NATO MNMPBAT developed and reached the level of recognition and success. Today NATO MNMPBAT is recognized not only in the NATO Military Police community, but also as a Multinational modern Military Police unit in NATO, which is ready to participate in NATO tasks and missions. As a confirmation of the work and NATO MNMPBAT development is ANAKONDA 16 exercise in which all members of the Battalion, together with the US Military Police units, conducted actual Military Police tasks supporting Polish Military Gendarmerie. It is important to emphasize that the joint training of all Military Police units from Troop Contributing Nations to NATO MNMPBAT, Poland, Slovakia, Czech and Croatia, is important part of the Project, as well as conducting of real Military Police tasks during exercises. That enables that level of training and cohesion of all participating MP units in the Project is visible.”
Colonel Tihomir Zebec expressed positive opinion regarding possible future partaking of MP units from other NATO Nations in the NATO MNMPBAT Project and exercises due to the fact that it will enable future development and improvement of NATO MNMPBAT capabilities.

Text: SGM Michaela Beganović

Photo: CPT Zbigniew Dobrzyński, SGM Darko Radotović

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